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2010-04-14 14:16:43 by Dj-tom

thank you newgrounds for featured artist!! i know got many new comments from people, im gonna make more again!!!! thank you very much!


2009-10-14 11:22:44 by Dj-tom

Hello all, its been a while i post a new thing on newgrounds, now here is something, Its a demo :p Hope you like it at all: dont click here

but click Here

Also check my other songs if you didn't did that :D

Now i have a question: Please can some1 help me with making music (fruity loops) I can make melody's and songs but the build up (dont know another word) isn't good. And mabye you can give me some cool tips or something :)
Thank you very much

Dj-tom --- Thomas

new submission

2009-04-07 13:56:57 by Dj-tom

hello everyone,
i uploaded a new song:
sleepy rock.
plz watch it!

Guitar Trouble 2

2008-05-14 10:27:25 by Dj-tom

I do have edit Guitar Trouble in to a longer version.
Check here: Check this out!